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Our team

Catherine GUYOT, Architecte DPLG, Urbaniste DESS

Since 1981: Consultant architect at CAUE 77, then business engineer at OTH, advisor at CREPA, responsible for programmes at l'OPIEVOY where she was in charge of the renovation of nearly 2.000 housing, then head of Maintenance Service at LOGIREP, her professional experience is whole turned towards the mastery of public work.
End 1997: She takes care of ARVHA training management.
As far as Europe is concerned, she was responsible for the programme: « Architecture in the Feminine: renovation jobs », NOW programme: « New Opportunities for Women », led with Sienna city and Ballymun’s Women Resource Centre of Ballymun in Dublin.
Today she is in charge of in-house training policy for architects at ARVHA in contact with the Minister for the Arts and Communications, Management of Architecture and Heritage.
She coordinated a great part of Culture 2000 programmes and current Leonardo projects and the Equal programme « Old Heritage - new jobs: accompaniment of young and women towards renovation jobs " with CAPEB Ile-de-France, OBJECTIF EMPLOI, URACIF and three CIDF of Ile-de-France Region, Union Rempart as French partners, in Italy with QUASCO from Bologna, in Spain with Junta from Andalusia and Woman’s Adalusian Institute.
She supervised EQUAL project « Jobs development and know-hows in the built heritage» with CAPEB IDF, Union Rempart, ARTEMISIA and ATAGRIF which enabled to create an exposition, a consciousness-raising kit of young and women to renovation jobs. In her transnational part with Extremadura and Greece in particular Athens city, It is planned to compare the methods and techniques of renovation and the training tools existing at the European level as well as exchanging trainees and professional French, Greek, Spanish architects.
She carries out the supervision of the project « Women architects in Euro-Mediterranean » which is supported by the regional board of elected representatives of Île-de-France and the Foundation Anna Lindh with Morocco, Algeria, Belgium and France.
She actively takes part to architects training and to the vents linked to disability problematic and the design of the town for all and contributes towards a study on the design of medical and social centres for all...
She coordinates on administrative aspects and the management of two Leonardo European projects transfer of innovation the one on accessibility for all « Training Tools for Accessible Towns « and the other on sustainable development. Training Tools for Sustainable Buildings »,
She also led a project on professional equality between men and women the one in ile de France region in 2010, and the other in whole France and with the competition of European Social Funds: « professional equality between men and women in architecture agencies in France ».

Luc GIVRY, Architect DPLG (Graduated by the Government)

Has project manager he has been specialized in the field of social housing renovation for more than 18 years. To date with more than 5.000 studied housing, in diffuse sector, H.V.S., D.S.U., OPAH, he was in charge of social project management, classical engineering as well as construction site running in taken environment.
He found ARVHA in 1993 and launches the first actions of training which he has been led and managing for this date.
Manager of studies, he manage AMO missions, feasibility and operation setup.
He also manage the computer and graphic production of ARVHA and has carried out as such seven CD ROM: « Architecture in the feminine : renovation jobs », « Renovate housing conditions : Poland - Romania - France », « Architecture and comparative professional practices: Poland - Italy - France », « Renovation and development of the architectural heritage : Paris - Barcelona - Florence » « Discovery of contemporary architecture : Paris - London - Athens » « AA tools : Architecture and Accessibility », « Around architecture ART NOUVEAU : Paris - Gerona - Bucharest ».
He currently the management of projects and trainings linked to disabled people’s accessibility and develop online training implementation of ARVHA.
He acquired an expertise in issues linked to disability notion, and has written a work for ANAH on the housing adaptation of disabled people.
He led the European project “Architecture and Urban planning: Design for All from school to practice” with DG EMPLOI and social affairs of European Commission and has set up the e-learning tool for architects on the theme « Architecture, Urbanism and disabilities ».
He led a research for Savings Banks and Solidarity Foundation aiming at carrying out a design guide on medical and social centres meant for disabled people.
He represents ARVHA in plenary meetings of Interdepartmental Delegation for Disabled People and in the working groups of the National Council on Disability.
In 2009 he led the project of certifications for architects in the field of FSE Transnational project supported by regional board of elected representatives and the European social funds.
From 2010 to 2012 he coordinates Leonardo project transfer of innovation « Training Tools for Accessible Towns » with four other countries: Italy, Greece Romania and England.
From 2011 to 2013 he also led another Leonardo project transfer of innovation on sustainable development and architecture « Training Tools for Sustainable Buildings » with 7 partners of which universities from Rome and Vienna, project managers from Greece, Romania, Austria and France, and Wessenwasser Town hall in Austria in Vorarlberg.

Léa MARINELLO, Executive Assistant

She prepares a two-year sandwich course of Administrative within C3 CFA School at Antony. She intervenes at the administrative level and in the management of European projects. She collects financial elements, prepares colloquiums and seminars and participates to the management of projects.