Association pour la
sur la Ville et l'HAbitat

Survey and research

  • Setup of operations and feasibility study
  • Urban, architectural and technical diagnosis in France and abroad
  • Investigation and social and urban analyses
  • Accessibility diagnosis for numerous private and public operators
  • Research on the theme of development, of urbanism, of landscape
  • Projects linked to integration by economy in building trade

ARVHA has been developed numerous partnerships with most of Western, Eastern Europe countries and different South Mediterranean countries since 1997 :

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, The United Kingdom, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia.


Projects within the framework of the supported programme by the European Commission.

« Training Tools for Sustainable Buildings », a Leonardo project transfer of innovation.
Led by ARVHA in partnership with 5 countries represented by Rome University Uni Roma 3 in Italy, Vienne Polytechnic University, LANG Consulting and Weissenwasser mayor in Vorarlberg in Austria, OMADA 80 in Greece, BBM Grup en Romania, Renée Floret Scheide architect in France, this project aims at educational tools design on the consideration of sustainable development in the design of architecture. Moreover we established direct relations with the holders of construction 21 project, European platform that list architectural examples and innovative techniques in 5 countries of the European community.

« Promote professional equality between men and women in architecture agencies in France » a project supported by the European Social Fund
Led by ARHVA on whole France and especially three regions (Paris and the surrounding area, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region and Rhône Alpes region) it enables to lead an analysis of women situation in architecture agencies, of pay differential and working conditions and to list needs to improve the compatibility between life periods. It leads into the setting up of tools enabling architecture companies to facilitate the consideration of men and women needs to professional equality in the agencies life.

« Training Tools for Accessible Towns » a Leonardo project transfer of innovation.
Led by ARVHA in partnership with 4 countries represented by Rome University of Uni Roma 3 in Italy, OMADA 80 in Greece, BBM Grup en Romania, et CEA environmental consultant of accessibility in England, this project aim at educational tools to conceive town for all. Moreover came along on top of SMALA Swiss silent partner who organised an event of the project introduction in Lausanne in June 2012 as well as a movie on the consideration of the various types of disabilities.

2009 :
« Certification of training for architects in France on architecture urbanism and disabilities, and validation at European level »
Project supported by the European Social Fund within the framework of transnational FSE projects and Ile-de-France regional board of elected representatives.
Led by ARVHA with OMADA 80 in Athens and BBM GRUP in Bucharest, this project aims at setting up an accreditation of ARVHA that enables to issue certifications for architects who hope for acquiring a skill in the field of disabilities and design of town for all. An approach at the European level enabled to set up bases to create trainings in Greece and in Romania on this theme in the prospect of developing the certification of architects in this country.

2007 - 2008 :
« Women architects in Euro-Mediterranean »
Project supported by the Foundation Anna Lindh of the European Commission and Ile-de-France regional board of elected representatives.
Lead by ARVHA with Belgian women architects, Morocco National School of Architecture and Alger Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism.
This project enabled the carrying out of a web site on women architects in Euro-Mediterranean, an exposition and conference in each country.

2004 - 2008 EQUAL programs:
« Know-how development « Jobs and know-how development in the built heritage »
project led by ARVHA aiming at mobilizing career players to facilitate young and women admission in building trade and catering traditional jobs, with in France CAPEB IDF, ARTEMISIA, ATAGRIF, and Union Rempart and Corsica environment Office, and at transnational level in Spain Extremadura Junta and Athens Town in Greece.
Tools: a web site, an exposition and publications.

2004 - 2006:
“Architecture and urban planning: Design for all from school to practice”
Program from DG Employment and socials affairs.
It is led by ARVHA with Integracja, workshop 3 - Poland, Free Art records - Czech Republic, D&P Architekti - Slovakia, OMADA 80 - Greece, ARIM CA and CMC Habitat -France.

DFA’s education for students and professionals of architecture, urbanism and construction.

2002 - 2005 EQUAL Program :

« Old heritage - new jobs: accompaniment of young and women towards renovation jobs »
Led by ARVHA, in France CAPEB IDF, OBJECTIF EMPLOI, URACIF and three CIDF of Ile-de-France Region, UNION - REMPART, in Italy with QUASCO in Bologna, in Spain with Andalusia Junta and Andalusian Institute of women.
It aims at struggling against discriminations that young and women meet with in the exercise of building trade and renovation job.
Transnational and national actions based on a study of young and women integrating conditions in building trade enabled to develop a suggestion guide for companies, European colloquiums, an European exposition touring on women in these jobs and in particular women architects, a web site and a CD ROM.

HERITAGE program: 2002 - 2005

« Shared heritages: Know and Know-how implemented to architectural and urban heritage of XIXth and XXth centuries in Mediterranean »
This project is led by CNRS Laboratory CITERES EMAM; it aims at promoting best practice exchange of Mediterranean countries in the field of architectural heritage preservation and protection from 1850 to 1950.
This project has concerned 9 countries (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Algeria and Tunisia) and 15 partners. ARVHA is responsible for two sub-projects one of which on the stocktaking of instruments and practices and the other on sub-projects’ reports and recommendations. The result of this comparative and explanatory work is available for consultation Online from ARVHA and CiterES’s web sites.

LEONARDO DA VINCI program : 1999 -2006

« Heritage and modernity, Methods and tools of urban renovation - New construction in a historical context »2004 - 2006
By studying cases of five European cities: Paris, Athens, Bucharest, Berlin et Cadiz, this project aims at creating educational tools for professionals of Architecture and Urbanism in order to design better renovation and new construction in a historical context while protecting the place cultural identity.

« Architecture and comparative Professional practices in Europe : mobility and reinforced skills» 2002 - 2005
This project aims at creating a Web site where the way of exercising as an architect will be presented in 12 countries of European community or in pre-accession: France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Austria, Finland, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland and Romania.
Partners are either professional architects or self-employed architects exercising in these countries or training organizations.

«Architecture and accessibility AATOOLS - Belgium - France -Denmark - Poland » 2001 - 2003
This project aims at creating consciousness-raising tools of students and architecture teachers by taking into account disable people’s needs in housing conditions design. ANLH edited a pamphlet accompanied by a CD ROM on DESIGN FOR ALL. Besides, a link refers to a site dedicated for the project on ARVHA site.

«Innovative renovations: urban renovation and renewable energies - Berlin - Catalonia - France » 2002 - 2004
This project aspires to highlight good examples in these three countries in order to make emerge a supervision method of renovation taking into account urban renovation, renewable energies and inhabitant’s participation in their areas restructuring. Even there pamphlet, CD ROM and Web site carry out the larger spreading to the project.

« JOB - ART » 2001 - 2003
In this project led by Die Wille in Berlin, ARVHA is partner with English and Spanish associations.
It deal with preparing training courses for young in trouble in order to raise consciousness to sound and image jobs and also to those of media tools design throughout computers. A link refers to the dedicated site for the project on ARVHA site.

« Architecture and comparative Professional practices - France - Italie - Polad » 1998 - 2001
This project leads to the carrying out of a CD ROM enabling to know the way of working as an architect in three countries and in three languages.

« Renovate housing conditions, techniques and comparative methods- France - Poland - Romania » 1999 - 2001
This project enabled to carry out a CD ROM on techniques and methods of renovation in three countries and in three languages.

CULTURE program 2000 :

« European heritage and cultural identity- Around Art Nouveau in Europe » October 2004 - September 2005
creation of an introduction guide to Art Nouveau in Europe by following itineraries of Paris in France, Bucharest in Romania, Cracow in Poland and Bratislava in Slovakia. This guide will be published in a pamphlet accompanied by a CD ROM and a Web site.

« Around Art Nouveau: Paris and the surrounding area, Gerona Province and Catalonia Province, Bucharest and Romania » October 2002 - September 2003
Discoveries of art nouveau architecture itineraries are carried out so as to emphasize the architectural heritage « Art Nouveau » in these three countries and three regions. A specific research was lead with the disciples of Art Nouveau main leaders in Europe. Even there pamphlet, CD ROM and Web site carry out the larger spreading to the project.

« Discovery of contemporary architecture throughout virtual and real itineraries - Paris - London - Athens » November 2001 - October 2002
are virtually and really carried out to favour architecture approach to the general public for the three cities.
This project enabled the creation of a web site and a CD ROM in three languages, acting as a guide for the discovery of projects, by surfing the sites and operations emphasized in this CD ROM.

« Renovation and development of the architectural heritage - Paris - Barcelona - Florence » November 2000 - December 2002
This exposition also gave to the creation of a CD ROM on renovation and development of the architectural heritage in these three cities.
The exposition was presented in the three cities and was occasionally to carry out conferences to explain the content and meet the representatives of the three cities.

NOW program :

« Architecture in the feminine, renovation jobs - France - Ireland - Italy » 1997 - 2000
This project enabled to make up an EQUAL programme with the implementation of women architects’ European network and the organization of two European colloquiums on renovation jobs in Europe.
Exchanges were carried out between French and Italian women architects (Florence et Sienna) and architects in training at ARVHA came to help women of a rough area in Dublin to rethink their district and to become players the design of their housing conditions. A pamphlet accompanied by CD ROM as well as a series of conferences was carrying out the publicity of this work of research.